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The Factors Behind Low Magnesium Levels in U.S. Crops

Today’s magnesium deficiency has reached astounding proportions, as more than 80% of the American population is operating well below optimum performance levels. The history of magnesium intake is a unique study in the de-evolution of the human condition, as the lack of magnesium as a dietary staple has effected the greatest overall concentration of societal [...]

Magnesium & Muscle Cramps

7 Ways Magnesium Assists in Muscle Relaxation.             Responsible for more than 300 different enzymatic reactions in the body, Magnesium has been recognized as one of the most vital minerals within the human body. Magnesium is found in all of the body’s tissues – including muscles, bones, and the brain – magnesium is a cofactor [...]

Gluten For Punishment

Ever since our ancient ancestors began domesticating food some 8000-years ago, the one constant that has remained is the world’s reliance on grain as a dietary staple. However, the elemental composition of grain has undergone a dramatic metamorphosis over the subsequent millennia, thus resulting in a radically distorted version from what our forbearers consumed. Flash [...]