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S3 – Superfood Synergy SystemTM

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”
                                                 – Aristotle

About the System
Incorporated into all of 180 Degree Nutritionals products, the S3 (Superfood Synergy System™) is a specifically designed, trademarked system that utilizes Organic Superfood Ingredients to serve as co-factors and co-nutrients to optimize the overall effects of our products. Our ingredients are hand-selected due to (1) their Nutritional Density, and (2) their Stress Relief properties.

Organic Kale (Brassica Oleracea)

A nutritional powerhouse that is rich in omega3, fatty acids, chlorophyll, amino acids, vitamins A, B-complex, C, E, K, & minerals such as iron, magnesium, copper, and potassium.

About this Superfood
This nutritionally-packed, cancer-fighting cruciferous vegetable contains phytochemicals such as glucosinolates that are known to detoxify the body on a genetic level.  Kale contains an organic sulfur that has anti-inflammatory properties that can significantly reduce stress in the body by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress.  Sulforaphane, a main ingredient in kale, assists in glucose control and cardiovascular support both factors in stress reduction and mood support.  Lastly, kale provides significant antiviral, antibacterial benefits for chronic inflammation and oxidative stress.

New research shown that ITC (isothiocyanates) are derived from kale glucosinolates, which helps regulate detoxification on a genetic level.  Toxins are found everywhere in our environment – including pharmaceutical drugs, processed foods, pollutants, and pesticides – and are a major factor for creating stress in the body.  Kale’s rich ITC content helps eliminate them.

Organic Spinach (Spinacia Oleracea)

One of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet, spinach is a rich source of vitamins such as K, A, C, B2, B6, & E, as well as potassium, folate, iron, calcium, iodine, phosphorous, zinc, copper, fiber, healthy omega 3 fats, and protein.

About this Superfood
Spinach is a rich source of magnesium which is known as the relaxation mineral and helps calm nerves, muscles, and assists in regulating cortisol (stress hormone) becoming a natural anxiety remedy.  Several components of spinach like potassium, folate, and various anti-oxidants are known to provide neurological benefits to individuals who regularly consume them.  Spinach is rich in folate, which helps your body produce mood-regulating neurotransmitters, including serotonin and dopamine.
It helps maintain blood pressure, has anti-ulcerative properties, and glucose control.  Spinach contains the antioxidant, kaempferol, which lowers the risk of developing cancer and various chronic diseases.

According to a 2012 study, people who consumed folate-dense spinach had a lower risk of depression and anxiety.

Organic Ginger (Zingiber Officinale)

Modern scientific research has revealed that ginger possesses numerous therapeutic properties including the ability to inhibit the formation of anti-inflammatory compounds.

About this Superfood
Ginger contains a powerful compound called gingerols.  This clinically researched compound has been known to help individuals suffering with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis experience increased mobility and reduction in their pain levels.
Ginger is also regarded as an excellent carminative substance (which promotes the elimination of intestinal gas) and as an intestinal spasmolytic (which relaxes and soothes the intestinal tract).  Additionally, ginger assists in digestion support, reduces the effects nausea, and aids in migraine support.

Study involving 74 volunteers carried out at the University of Georgia found that daily ginger supplementation reduced exercise-induced muscle pain by 25%.
Ginger has also been found to reduce the symptoms of dysmenorrhea (severe pain during a menstrual cycle).  In one study, 83% of women taking ginger capsules reported improvements in pain symptoms compared to 47% of those on placebo supplements.

Organic Blackberry (Rubus)

Blackberries rank highly among fruits for antioxidant strength, particularly due to their dense contents of polyphenolic compounds, such as ellagic acid, tannins, ellagitannins, quercetin, gallic acid, anthocyanins, and cyanidins.

About this Superfood
Blackberries have one of the highest ORAC value (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) of all fruits.  Rich in quercetin (a potent anti-stress compound & flavonoid antioxidant), blackberries contain an abundant amount of antioxidants, playing an import role in fighting free radical damage as well as combatting chronic inflammation. When you are stressed, your body produces cortisol – a hormone that produces the “fight or flight response”. Quercetin can fight these effects during times of extended stress by suppressing the enzyme necessary for cortisol release, being an all natural anxiety supplement.

The Vitamin C found in blackberry also helps keep skin healthy and strong. It promotes collagen production, decreases the instance of dry skin and may even prevent premature aging of the skin. A recent study found that fresh blackberry extract exhibited tumor-preventive effects on a line of human lung cell cancer.

Organic Bananas (Musa Sapientum)

Bananas contain protein, fiber, carbohydrates and vitamins: A, B, C & E; and minerals calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and folate (also known as vitamin B9 and natural folic acid). It is a rich source of B6 and the amino acid tryptophan.

About this Superfood
The chemical compounds of B6 and Tryptophan play a vital role in serotonin synthesis – also known as the “happy hormone” – are essential for positive mood, sleep support, and for reducing anxiety and irritability. 

Bananas are rich in magnesium – which assists in muscle relaxation, nerve transmission and sleep support.  Bananas contain an abundant amount of potassium – which is an essential mineral for normalizing blood pressure and heart function. Potassium is important as it helps in maintaining fluid levels in the body and regulates the movement of nutrients and waste products in and out of the cells. A study conducted by the Imperial College of London found that children who ate just one banana per day had a 34% less chance of developing asthma.

Organic Noni (Morinda Citrifolia)

Known as the “Queen of Health Plants” due to its wide range of applications. Noni contains 17 of the 20 known amino acids, including all 9 essential amino acids and is loaded with antioxidants. It contains colorless alkaloids, and alkaloids are critical in maintaining a healthy balance in the body.

About this Superfood
Due to its nourishing qualities, noni fruit supports healthy digestion, promotes a healthy mental outlook, and possesses a healthy inflammation and pain response. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, noni may also be valuable in treating conditions like arthritis and central nervous system disorders.

According to Dr. A. Hirazumi, a researcher at the University of Hawaii School of Medicine, found that noni may support a healthy T-cell count in the body.  T-cells are like tiny soldiers of the immune system, helping to keep out invaders and toxins. Research studies have revealed the antispasmodic properties of noni possibly attribute to the blockade of voltage-dependent calcium channels and secretion of intracellular calcium content in the body, which helps in suppressing muscles spasms while soothing pain and discomfort.

Organic Sweet Potato (Ipomoea Batatas)

Sweet Potatoes are an incredibly nutritious Superfood that are packed with antioxidants like beta carotene, magnesium, B6, Vitamin C, E, & D. They have a rich mineral content which includes manganese, iron, and potassium.

About this Superfood
Sweet Potatoes are a nutritionally dense Superfood packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  Sweet potatoes rich orange color indicates they are high in carotenoids like beta carotene and other carotenoids.  These powerful antioxidants assist in warding off cancer and other degenerative diseases.

Due to their abundant nutritional profile (including magnesium, B6, and potassium), sweet potatoes are an excellent anti-stress food and are known to help relax muscles, steady nerves, and balance cognitive function.