What We Do

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What We do

Our approach to creating the world’s foremost nutritional supplement company is threefold:

Our Ingredients

We searched the world for the highest-quality raw materials. For a glimpse:
• Our magnesium manufacturer Albion, based in Utah, is the only company in the world to hold the patented six-stage chelated process allowing for the highest bioavailability on the magnesium market today
• We created the S3™ (Superfood Synergy System™) – a specially designed, trademarked system that uses the world’s highest quality organic Superfood ingredients to serve as co-factors and co-nutrients to optimize the overall effects of 180 Degree Nutritionals products. Our ingredients are hand-selected due to (1) their Nutritional Density, and (2) their Stress Relief properties.

Our Philosophy

The future of optimal health and wellness resides in addressing the imbalances, deficiencies, and toxins within the human body. At 180° Nutritionals, we have developed cutting-edge nutritional formulas and strategies that address the underlying complexities affecting the vast majority of the world’s populace today. Additionally, the groundbreaking advancements in the fields of Functional Medicine, Nutrigenomics, and Epigenetics serve as the template for our innovative products and Informational Resource Center. Our mission is to develop forward-thinking strategies designed to get to the root cause of individual health issues, and ultimately help individuals achieve a homeostatic condition – a place of balance.

Our Commitment

180-DEGREE FULL TRANSPARENCY PLEDGE. It shouldn’t be a secret what you put in your body. At 180-Degree Nutritionals – every detail matters. We meticulously select only the highest quality raw materials, verify that our products are 3rd-Party Lab Tested, and employ a GMP-Certified manufacturing lab – all to safeguard that our consumers are receiving the greatest nutritional supplement products in the world. We give these products to our family, and we ensure that you may safely give them to yours!